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08:52pm 02/06/2004
  "There are some lovers out there who are easy lovers..you don't want to be an easy lover! Here's Mr. Phil Collins to tell you all about it.."

Cool J, this past Monday morning, introducing "Easy Lover", Phil's duet with Philip Bailey. Cool J's harangue about "easy lovers" after the song was through was far too wordy for me to write it all down, but essentially it said the same thing as the introduction. Cool J, fan of Mr. Phil Collins, no fan of Easy Lovers.
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i despise aaron neville. 
09:41am 21/04/2004
  i never understood how aaron neville got a singing career. i would like to meet the person that told him that he had a good enough voice to just go for it, so that i can rip their throat out.

i remember those horrid airplane commercials that he would do for the radio. "some people just know how to fly".

i'm really convinced he's the worst singer that ever was. i really don't think anyone could convince me otherwise. my friend has a cd of a live paul simon concert, and the last song is 'bridge over troubled water', featuring aaron neville. i have now lost respect for paul simon.
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05:56am 20/04/2004
  More Cool J fun..

He back announced the Bare Naked Ladies as being the "Bare Raked Nadies"..from which they shall be known always as.

He also refers to 50 Cent as 50 Cents..
"just the two of us"..cool j stories 
03:18pm 14/04/2004
  Cool J was playing "Just the Two of Us" by Grover Washington Jr. He back announced it as being by GROOVER Washington. His co-host tried in vain to correct him.  
guilty pleasure number 1 
03:31pm 24/03/2004
  I never used to like Sade when she first started having hits, but she's really doing it for me these days. I think I might just buy her greatest hits album.

What's your easylistening guilty pleasure?
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david foster, sucker of souls. 
09:58am 26/02/2004
  David Foster sucked the soul out of Chicago. That being said, he's responsible for their last monster hits in the mid 80's..all wedding standards and consequently, songs that transcend generations..a rare thing to acheive now in this day and age. But who else is there to blame here for the disintegration of the group? David Foster got into Peter Cetera's head and he left the group, to pursue an incredibly unsuccessful solo career that to my knowledge, consists of two hits, cashed in during the early days of the split- "Glory of Love" from "The Karate Kid Part 2" and "Next Time I Fall", his duet with Amy Grant..which also helped cross her over into mild popstardom from the world of religiouspopstardom. The Peter Cetera website indicates he did have other top 10 hits as duets, but the AC Chart doesn't count in my opinion..we're talking cross over, mainstream smashes. Who was lurking ever present behind Cetera in one form or another as he faded away? DAVID FOSTER.

We won't even go into what Foster did to poor Ben Vereen..

I say that DAVID FOSTER is the man responsible for Chicago NOT reuniting with Peter Cetera on vocals. C'mon, it's not like either of you are doing anything with your careers these days..IT'S TIME TO RECREATE THE MAGIC.

AC Artists! Stay away from David Foster, AT ALL COSTS, if you value your very being..
hot rod 
07:40am 25/02/2004
  The Rod Stewart concert held recently in Toronto was so popular that they added another T.O show in..July..I believe. The only Rod Stewart fans in this world that I've ever met are woman over the age of 40, so Rod must be digging that scene every night as he globe-trots around. Every time I see a clip of a Rod Stewart concert on television, I always see the same thing..Rod, wearing a faux leopard skin jacket, throwing a striped microphone stand up into the air and catching it, repeatedly. I never actually see the guy open his mouth and drawl out one of his tunes. That must be just awesome..3 hours of mic stand throwing and catching..and totally worth the 8 million bucks it costs to see him live and I hope that those depressed, over 40 women are getting their money's worth in the thrills department.

My brother once told me a Rod Stewart related story that sums up Rod very well. A friend of his is a big Tom Waits fan. Of course, on Rod's cover tunes album, he's covering a Tom Waits song, the name of which I don't recall, however it's this particular gentleman's favourite Tom Waits song. My brother asked him what he thought of the cover and his friend's response, "Ok. Imagine your most favourite song of all time. And then imagine Rod Stewart singing it."

Enough said. And that's the story I always tell whenever Rod Stewart gets brought up in casual conversation. However..there was always that rumor that Rod had to undergo a surgical procedure to have semen pumped out of his stomach..is this true?
the aborted comeback attempts of one mr. phil collins.. 
09:51am 24/02/2004
  ..seem stalled in neutral. No broadcast outlet touches any of his new albums..in my opinion it's because he no longer vocally wrangs on any of his songs and instead just oozes pure sentimental, cookie cutter treacle..he would not be recording "In The Air Tonight" at this point of his career, and probably would rather not perform it live anymore, I guess. Phil blames the broadcast outlets for the fact his albums don't sell anymore..I think Phil needs to start taking a closer look at the shit he's putting out on the market.

But.. the ultimate embarrassment has to be Phil's collaboration with Bone Thugs N Harmony covering "Take Me Home"..which went NOWHERE. I bet the only reason he did it was he saw how much money Sting made off of letting Puffy have the rights to "Every Breath You Take" and thought that he too could cash in for years to come..

Oh well. Couldn't happen to a "nicer" guy. Not. Phil's reputation precedes him as a number 1 Grade A a-hole..

Surprisingly, Cool J does not play this song..as Cool J not only plays the best in AC but also..ahem..urban stuff too...so one would think that this "meeting of minds" would be right up Cool J's alley. Alas, it's not meant to be, at least so far. He probably needs the track introduced to him. Cool J loves Phil Collins but only has one Phil Collins album at his disposal..the live album from the mid 90s. He likes to play a bunch of tracks from it at a time..as far as live albums go, it's pretty tight..Phil and the boys don't drift too far off into "Jazz Odyssey" territory and keep right to the single versions of the hits..however, the vocalist he has subbing in for Marilyn Martin on the "Separate Lives" duet is TERRIBLE. The vocalist he has subbing in for Philip Bailey on "Easy Lover" is passable..but not as good.

Speaking of Marilyn Martin, whatever happened to her? She had that hit with Phil, then she did that one single which had the weird video with the guy killing people and storing them in the meat locker..and that was that..
no monday morning drive with cool j this morning 
07:50am 23/02/2004
  On my campus and community station, there's this program called "The Monday Morning Drive with Cool J". It's hosted by this mid 40s to early 50s guy from Montreal who used to do real radio. He plays the most un-campus and community station music ever..Phil Collins, Michael Bolton, Rod Stewart..and he loves to talk..a lot. This is his opprotunity to play the music he likes and do "radio" again..and he takes it very seriously, to the point where he tells the listeners it's his job, even though he's just a volunteer like the rest of us. The stuff he comes out with he means in all seriousness and to me, and a lot of others, it's unbelievably hilarious..his traffic reports are the best, considering he's marooned in a corn field.

He's not on this morning and consequently, my day is not going well..if you don't start off your Mondays with Celine Dion covering "The Power of Love", it's just not a Monday. Now I know, I could just download the song and play it myself, but without Cool J's entertaining banter (ie "I wanna send that one out to all the ladies..")..it's just not the same.
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10:39am 22/10/2003
  Whitney Houston can be a pompous, pretentious bitch at times, but she's one hell of a singer and has some great tunes.  
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