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hot rod

The Rod Stewart concert held recently in Toronto was so popular that they added another T.O show in..July..I believe. The only Rod Stewart fans in this world that I've ever met are woman over the age of 40, so Rod must be digging that scene every night as he globe-trots around. Every time I see a clip of a Rod Stewart concert on television, I always see the same thing..Rod, wearing a faux leopard skin jacket, throwing a striped microphone stand up into the air and catching it, repeatedly. I never actually see the guy open his mouth and drawl out one of his tunes. That must be just awesome..3 hours of mic stand throwing and catching..and totally worth the 8 million bucks it costs to see him live and I hope that those depressed, over 40 women are getting their money's worth in the thrills department.

My brother once told me a Rod Stewart related story that sums up Rod very well. A friend of his is a big Tom Waits fan. Of course, on Rod's cover tunes album, he's covering a Tom Waits song, the name of which I don't recall, however it's this particular gentleman's favourite Tom Waits song. My brother asked him what he thought of the cover and his friend's response, "Ok. Imagine your most favourite song of all time. And then imagine Rod Stewart singing it."

Enough said. And that's the story I always tell whenever Rod Stewart gets brought up in casual conversation. However..there was always that rumor that Rod had to undergo a surgical procedure to have semen pumped out of his stomach..is this true?
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