d_trevor (d_trevor) wrote in uneasylistening,

david foster, sucker of souls.

David Foster sucked the soul out of Chicago. That being said, he's responsible for their last monster hits in the mid 80's..all wedding standards and consequently, songs that transcend generations..a rare thing to acheive now in this day and age. But who else is there to blame here for the disintegration of the group? David Foster got into Peter Cetera's head and he left the group, to pursue an incredibly unsuccessful solo career that to my knowledge, consists of two hits, cashed in during the early days of the split- "Glory of Love" from "The Karate Kid Part 2" and "Next Time I Fall", his duet with Amy Grant..which also helped cross her over into mild popstardom from the world of religiouspopstardom. The Peter Cetera website indicates he did have other top 10 hits as duets, but the AC Chart doesn't count in my opinion..we're talking cross over, mainstream smashes. Who was lurking ever present behind Cetera in one form or another as he faded away? DAVID FOSTER.

We won't even go into what Foster did to poor Ben Vereen..

I say that DAVID FOSTER is the man responsible for Chicago NOT reuniting with Peter Cetera on vocals. C'mon, it's not like either of you are doing anything with your careers these days..IT'S TIME TO RECREATE THE MAGIC.

AC Artists! Stay away from David Foster, AT ALL COSTS, if you value your very being..
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