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no monday morning drive with cool j this morning

On my campus and community station, there's this program called "The Monday Morning Drive with Cool J". It's hosted by this mid 40s to early 50s guy from Montreal who used to do real radio. He plays the most un-campus and community station music ever..Phil Collins, Michael Bolton, Rod Stewart..and he loves to talk..a lot. This is his opprotunity to play the music he likes and do "radio" again..and he takes it very seriously, to the point where he tells the listeners it's his job, even though he's just a volunteer like the rest of us. The stuff he comes out with he means in all seriousness and to me, and a lot of others, it's unbelievably hilarious..his traffic reports are the best, considering he's marooned in a corn field.

He's not on this morning and consequently, my day is not going well..if you don't start off your Mondays with Celine Dion covering "The Power of Love", it's just not a Monday. Now I know, I could just download the song and play it myself, but without Cool J's entertaining banter (ie "I wanna send that one out to all the ladies..")..it's just not the same.
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