d_trevor (d_trevor) wrote in uneasylistening,

the aborted comeback attempts of one mr. phil collins..

..seem stalled in neutral. No broadcast outlet touches any of his new albums..in my opinion it's because he no longer vocally wrangs on any of his songs and instead just oozes pure sentimental, cookie cutter treacle..he would not be recording "In The Air Tonight" at this point of his career, and probably would rather not perform it live anymore, I guess. Phil blames the broadcast outlets for the fact his albums don't sell anymore..I think Phil needs to start taking a closer look at the shit he's putting out on the market.

But.. the ultimate embarrassment has to be Phil's collaboration with Bone Thugs N Harmony covering "Take Me Home"..which went NOWHERE. I bet the only reason he did it was he saw how much money Sting made off of letting Puffy have the rights to "Every Breath You Take" and thought that he too could cash in for years to come..

Oh well. Couldn't happen to a "nicer" guy. Not. Phil's reputation precedes him as a number 1 Grade A a-hole..

Surprisingly, Cool J does not play this song..as Cool J not only plays the best in AC but also..ahem..urban stuff too...so one would think that this "meeting of minds" would be right up Cool J's alley. Alas, it's not meant to be, at least so far. He probably needs the track introduced to him. Cool J loves Phil Collins but only has one Phil Collins album at his disposal..the live album from the mid 90s. He likes to play a bunch of tracks from it at a time..as far as live albums go, it's pretty tight..Phil and the boys don't drift too far off into "Jazz Odyssey" territory and keep right to the single versions of the hits..however, the vocalist he has subbing in for Marilyn Martin on the "Separate Lives" duet is TERRIBLE. The vocalist he has subbing in for Philip Bailey on "Easy Lover" is passable..but not as good.

Speaking of Marilyn Martin, whatever happened to her? She had that hit with Phil, then she did that one single which had the weird video with the guy killing people and storing them in the meat locker..and that was that..
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